Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Concrete Landscape Curbing

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Concrete Curbing is the perfect picture frame for your yard. As a permanent border between your grass and the flower beds, we can place it almost anywhere. Choose from three curb styles- lawnmower, slant and square. We give free estimates and you will be surprised how affordable our service really is. Do yourself a favor and install concrete curbing.

There are a few things to keep in mind when hiring a company to install your concrete curbing- Value, experience, and attention to detail. These are pictures of actual projects we have completed. Please notice how our curbing flows, how our straight lines are so straight and how clean our job site is when we are finished. Also, we take pride in the fact that we get a large number of referrals from past customers. What that means to you is that we have many happy customers who feel confident enough to refer us to family and friends- even multiple times. These things all really matter in the end and each time we get a new referral we know someone thought we did a great job.

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Water Features

Three tier waterfall with bubbling rock.

Borders & Beyond Concrete Landscape Curbing 253-820-5979 Puyallup, Wa

Pondless water features are a great way to go if you are looking for peace and tranquility without the maintenance. These water features include solar lighting which allows you to enjoy it- even at night. Stone and river rock, along with a variety of plants will add a natural look and allow the feature to blend in with your existing landscaping. If you would like a pond to go with it, no problem. We can also install a variety of bubbling rocks as well. Call for your free estimate- you will be amazed at the low price.

Borders & Beyond Concrete Landscape Curbing 253-820-5979 Puyallup WA

Borders & Beyond

Borders & Beyond takes pride in providing our customers with outstanding service at a low price. Whether you need a completely new yard, a waterfall or just a small amount of concrete curbing, you will be impressed with the end results. We are most proud of how many referrals we get from our happy customers past and present. Call for your free estimate. 253-820-5979

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Picture Gallery

Lawnmower edge curbing, topsoil, sod and cedar grove premium mulch was added to this yard. Borders and Beyond is a full service landscaping company.

Flat style curbing

Walkway Path
Flat style

Flat style

Lawnmower style

The curbing can be shaped any way you want it.

Making a new flowerbed with flat curb. We can design it any way you want.

Curb Style

Curb style

Mower Edge

Mower Edge

This homeowner asked us to finish off the existing concrete he had poured as retaining walls and a fire pit. We were able to place the curb so that he will be able to fill it with rock. The curb becomes a permanent solution to separating his rock and flower beds.

Curbing is very versatile and we are able to place it virtually anywhere and in any design. We will prepare the area, haul away the sod and clean up the mess when we leave. There are three styles to choose from: mower, slant and square. Not only does curbing make it easy for you to mow and keep your grass out of your flower beds but it creates a picture perfect frame for your yard. Call Borders & Beyond for your free estimate. 253-820-5979